It’s That Time of The Year Again!

It’s that time of year again! After the hustle of taking pictures of all of the different clubs, activities, and events, the new yearbook of 2017 will be on its way into your hands!… if you ordered one, of course.

Before running straight into the details, people need to understand what yearbook is all about. In regards to the student, yearbook involves interacting and communicating with different people in and out of school hours and managing your time carefully. As a current member, Liz Newman states,  “Yearbook let me meet new people, which is big since I’m usually quiet”


In order to participate in yearbook, one should have some background knowledge in photography and digital skills alongside knowing how to work a camera and S.D card. With that said, do not be intimidated if that is all you know. Liz, claims that she had not used the software or program for editing until this year!


If a student is ambitious enough, they can eventually apply to become part of the yearbook staff. Applications to sign up are available to students toward the end of the year and Ms. Lensink, who is in charge of the class, hand picks the new staff members. As of now, experienced members such as Hunter Daniel and Mackenzie Bennett are the chief editors.


Now the part you’ve been waiting for: the price and when the books will get here. In the beginning of the year, the books start at $45 . As the year progresses, the price goes up incrementally until the final price of $80 is reached. Students and parents can order yearbooks directly near the end of the year, but only if there are any left in stock. As of April 19, the books should ship in about 2 weeks, and students will NOT get them right away. The distribution of yearbooks have yet to be determined and is nothing fancier of first come, first served!

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