Buccaneer Paintball

Richard Nuval


Central Florida Paintball Series

Summer draws near and so does the end of school, but it marks the early-middle season of the season for paintball. On the 26th of May, our students of the paintball team will be headed south for a tournament, competing with dozens of teams all over the region. North Bay Haven sponsored PC Katana Ikusa is tournament team with from our school that will be competing. Katana Ikusa will begin practicing on May 13th.

For those who do not know, tournament paintball is similar to a form of capture-the-flag where two teams of five compete against one another to either eliminate each other and/or hang a flag before time is called. There are different field layouts at every event, consisting of bunkers that the players use as cover. As soon as any part of a person is hit with a paintball, they’re out. Individual matches may vary in length depending on the skills of each team, ranging from as quick as 30 seconds to even a whole five minutes.


Looking toward next year, the paintball club hopes to reach out to people interested in tournament paintball, as most people begin playing recreationally in the woods, which is how both tournament teams began.


Last Paintball Club Game of the Year


The paintball club had hosted their last monthly game on April 29th. Everyone had a wonderful time being together and playing out on the field. A lot of hype is  building up for next year, with more meetings being planned, more paintball merchandise, and more players!


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